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ELEG 646 ; ELEG 446 - Nanoelectronic Device Principles Spring 2009 Homework #1 - due Thursday, 19 February 2009, in class 1. Problem 1.1 in chapter 1, p. 45 of Muller, Kamins & Chan (3rd edition). 2. Problem 1.4 (27 ˚C and 500 ˚C only) in chapter 1, p. 45 of Muller, Kamins & Chan (3rd edition) Hint: see equations in Table 1.4, p. 54, and graph (Fig 2.10), p. 73. 3. Problem 1.7 in chapter 1, p. 46 of Muller, Kamins & Chan (3rd edition). Hint: find the atomic
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Unformatted text preview: density (number – cm-3 ) and then the electron density (cm-3 ) of Al, and compute the mobility from the resistivity. 4. Problem A1.1 in chapter 1, p. 50 of Muller, Kamins & Chan (3rd edition). Homework assignments will appear on the web at: http://www.ece.udel.edu/~kolodzey/courses/eleg646s09.html Note: On each homework and report submission, please give your name, the due date, assignment number and the course number....
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