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646s11_Projectb - justifying calculations Describe a novel...

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ELEG 646 ; ELEG 446 - Nanoelectronic Device Principles Spring 2011 Course Device Design Project. - due Monday, 9 May 2011, in class. Design your concept of a device and describe its operation in terms of the topics in the course lectures and text. Format: 1 page of description, and 1 page of supporting analysis. 2 pages maximum – be succinct. For example, maybe you can make a new type of solar cell based on semiconducting liquids; or maybe you can solve the problem of a metal base bipolar transistor; or batteries based on stored charge at pn junctions. The limit is your imagination and your
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Unformatted text preview: justifying calculations. Describe a novel device – not a new application for an existing device. Please use only your own calculations and your own drawn figures (drawing software ok) – web figures and copies of any other work will be automatically rejected and require resubmission - no exceptions. Homework assignments will appear on the web at: http://www.ece.udel.edu/~kolodzey/courses/eleg646s11.html Note: On each homework and report submission, please give your name, the due date, assignment number and the course number....
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