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1 LIS 7008 Section 01 Final Exam Fall 2008 Name (please print):_solution You have 2 hours to complete this exam. Time will begin after we have read through it together. You may use your own personal copy of text book along with any notes or other files that you have brought with you, and anything that you find on the Internet that existed before the exam started. You may use any program on your own computer or the computer you have borrowed from the college, and you may use a calculator if you brought one. You may NOT communicate with any other person during this exam, (except the professor), either in person or using an electronic means. Do not discuss this exam with anyone until specific permission if given by the professor or all the students have taken the exam. Discussing them in any forum where the discussion might be overheard by a person who has not yet taken the exam would constitute academic dishonesty. As strategies for completing the exam, keep the following in mind: If you find a question to be ambiguous, you may ask about it privately by coming to the front of the room. If the confusion is not resolved to your satisfaction, please explain your confusion along with your answer so that we can consider it during grading. You are more likely to get partial credit for an answer that is not completely correct if you show your work. Be careful not to get carried away and run over the time limit by spending too much time on one question. Plan ahead, and don’t devote more time to a question than it is worth. Please write your answers in the space provided. Score Summary (for use by grader) Question Possible points Actual points 1 50 2 25 3 25 TOTAL 100
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2 1. [50 points] Short answers. Answer any FIVE of the following questions. If you write ANYTHING for more than five questions, only the first five you answered will be graded. Your answer should fit in the space provided (although there is no penalty for longer answers) a. [10 points] You have used one of the three software design models for your project. Briefly explain why the “waterfall” model does not work well for your Website design, and suggest an alternative that would result in the creation of better Websites in about the same amount of time. (a) To use the waterfall model effectively, the user’s requirements must be well-specified. Unfortunately, when working with a client, they are rarely aware of all of their requirements, or how to articulate their requirements, at the beginning of a project. Due to the time constraints of the project, we cannot wait until the requirements are clearly specified. (b) An alternative is the rapid prototyping model. The rapid creation of an prototype website based on the client’s preliminary requirements allows the client to further specify his/her requirements and leaves us more time to adjust and debug our design. b.
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7008fa08final_solution - LIS 7008 Section 01 Final Exam...

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