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SYLLABUS CLP 7934 Cognitive Bases of Behavior 3 Credits Fall 2008 –G301A HPNP Thursdays 1-4 Russell M. Bauer, Ph.D. ( Course Objectives The purpose of this course is to familiarize the student with the current body of knowledge in the cognitive bases of behavior. Historical developments and recent trends in cognitive psychology, cognitive neuropsychology, and cognitive neuroscience will be reviewed and applications of findings to research in clinical and health psychology will be explored. Coverage of the topical areas described below will emphasize the study of normal cognition, though some review of cognitive disorders will be undertaken when relevant findings inform or constrain theories of cognitive processes. Completion of the course should enable the student to: (a) understand and critically evaluate theory and research in cognitive psychology, (b) develop technical and conceptual expertise in evaluating cognitive research methods, (c) apply recent developments in cognitive psychology to their own work, and (d) identify and understand sources of individual differences and diversity in cognitive abilities and processes. Students should also be able to understand the relevance of developments in cognitive psychology for basic and applied work in counseling and clinical psychology. Course Format The course will be conducted in the form of a graduate seminar. Class will meet Thursdays from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. The majority of each class will consist of lectures or demonstrations given by the course instructor. Three debates/discussions, organized and presented by students, will be undertaken throughout the term. Student participation is expected, and will comprise a portion of the final course grade. Grading Course grading will be determined by two in-class quizzes (40%), a final examination (30%) and a brief paper (30%). The schedule for these events and deadline for paper submission can be found in the course plan below. Examinations will consist of both objective and short answer portions covering topics discussed in class and in readings. Study questions will be provided periodically during the semester to assist in learning and in exam preparation. The paper assignment is an opportunity for the student to perform further research on a topic of their choice, and should consist either of an empirical review of the status of a cognitive construct (e.g., spatial attention, reading comprehension, object perception) or of a theory/model (e.g., central capacity theory, feature-integration theory, MEM, ACT). The paper must involve outside reading and must be in APA format. Papers should not exceed 10 pages in length, using double-spacing and at least an 11-point font.
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Cognitive Bases of Behavior Fall 2007 Page 2 Students will also take part in one of the debates scheduled throughout the semester. In these debates, students are required to advocate a position and support their
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cognitive_syll_fall_2008 - SYLLABUS CLP 7934 Cognitive...

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