CNSORG - medulla oblongata II MEDULLA SPINALIS(spinal cord...

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SYSTEM NERVORUM CENTRALE (Central nervous system) I. ENCEPHALON (brain) A. PROSENCEPHALON ( forebrain ) 1. TELENCEPHALON ( endbrain 2. DIENCEPHALON ( between-brain, or interbrain B. MESENCEPHALON ( midbrain C. RHOMBENCEPHALON ( hindbrain ) 1. METENCEPHALON ( ) 2. MYELENCEPHALON
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Unformatted text preview: ( medulla oblongata ) II. MEDULLA SPINALIS (spinal cord) Notes: " BRAINSTEM " is an imprecisely defined term which usually refers to the rhombencephalon and mesencephalon together. It may or may not include the cerebellum, and sometimes the diencephalon is included. " CEREBRUM " or " CEREBRAL HEMISHPHERES " refer to the telencephalon....
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