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Neuroanatomical Directional Terms Neuraxis Imaginary line that runs rostro-caudally throughout the length of the brain and spinal cord Rostral Toward the beak (nose) Caudal Toward the tail Dorsal Toward the back Ventral Toward the belly Medial Toward the midline Lateral Away from the midline Superior Above Inferior Below Anterior Toward the front Posterior Toward the rear Proximal Near a point of reference Distal Far from a point of reference Afferent Projecting toward Efferent Projecting away from Ipsilateral On the same side as Contralateral On the opposite side from
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Unformatted text preview: Planes of Section Coronal or frontal brain section parallel to face; perpendular to the ground and perpendicular to the neuraxis (reserved for brain) Sagittal parallel to the plane of symmetry; perpendicular to the ground and parallel to the neuraxis (applies to brain and spinal cord) Horizontal parallel to the ground and parallel to the neuraxis (reserved for brain) Transverse any section perpendicular to the neuraxis (usually used in reference to the spinal cord)...
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