key2 - Physiological Psychology PSB 3002 Fall, 2011 Name _...

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Physiological Psychology Name __________________________ PSB 3002 Fall, 2011 Dr. Donald J. Stehouwer Answer Key, Exam #2 "On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment." (signed) _____________________________ Fill in the blanks: 1. From the list below, enter the letter corresponding to the correct term for each blank (not all terms must be used). a. choline acetyltransferase m catechol-O-methyl transferase b. tryptophan 5-hydroxylase n. PNMT c. nitric oxide synthase o.. glutamate d. DOPA p. acetyl coenzyme A e. tyrosine hydroxylase q. norepinephrine (NE) f. dopamine β -hydroxylase r. glutamic acid decarboxylase g. choline s. tyrosine h. DOPA decarboxylase t. acetylcholinesterase i. monoamine oxidase u. tryptophan j. glutamic acid decarboxylase v. arginine k. 5-hydroxytryptophan w. dopamine (DA) l. DOPA decarboxylase x. 5-HTP decarboxylase __ a ___ __ g __ + _ p __ ACh + CoA _____ __ h ___ __ f ___ __ n ___ __ s __ __ d __ __ w __ _ q __ EPI __ b __ _ x __ _ u ___ _ k __ 5-HT __ r __ __ o ___ GABA 2. ___ Autoreceptors _________ are receptors on the presynaptic terminal bouton that help regulate the release of a neurotransmitter. 3. What are four of the criteria for identifying a substance as a neurotransmitter? a. _ any four are O.K.__ _______________________ b. ________________________________________ c. ________________________________________ d. ________________________________________
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4. The specialized bed of blood vessels that manufacture cerebrospinalfluid is called the __ choroid plexus _____________. The specializations of blood vessels through which cerebrospinal fluid returns to the blood are called __ arachnoid granulations or arachnoid villae ________. 5.
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key2 - Physiological Psychology PSB 3002 Fall, 2011 Name _...

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