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Physiological Psychology Name __________________________ PSB 3002 Fall, 2011 Dr. Donald J. Stehouwer Answer Key--Exam #3 "On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment." (signed) _____________________________ FILL IN THE BLANKS: 1. Two competing theories of color vision are the trichromatic or Young-Helmholtz , which is based on the relative activity of the different kinds of retinal cones, and the _ opponent process theory _, which is suggested by receptive fields with center-surround antagonism of complementary colors. 2. The time at which sounds arrive at each of the two ears is thought to be compared by neurons in the _ superior olive or superior olivary complex __ nucleus. 3. Two theories of frequency-coding in the auditory system are the _ place theory _______________ theory, which applies to all frequencies of sound, and the ___ rate theory __________theory, which applies only to low frequencies of sound. . 4. The structures sensitive to head movement (angular acceleration) are the __ semicircular canals _____, and those sensitive to head tilt (linear acceleration) are the __ statocysts, otocysts, otoliths or utricle and saccule ___. 5. Movement of the head may elicit compensatory eye movements, called __ nystagmus _____________. If the movement of the head is rapid they are elicited by the __ vestibular system _______________________ (sensory system). If the movement is slow, the __ visual system _______________________ (sensory system) is more important. In particular, if those eye movements are produced by a sudden cessation of head rotation, they are called _ post-rotary nystagmus _________. 6.
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key3 - Physiological Psychology PSB 3002 Fall 2011 Name Dr...

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