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Neurclas - local neuron(Golgi type II-small neurons with...

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Classification of Neurons 1. Number of processes, or neurites unipolar neuron (one process, usually an axon) bipolar neuron (two processes, usually two dendrites or one axon, one dendrite) multipolar neuron (many processes, usually only one axon) 2. Function sensory neuron--input from sensory structure motoneuron--output to muscles or glands interneuron--inputs from other neurons, outputs to other neurons 3. Size and length of axon projection neuron (Golgi type I)--large neurons with long axons
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Unformatted text preview: local neuron (Golgi type II)--small neurons with short axons 4. Shape e.g. pyramidal = pyramid-shaped soma stellate = star-shaped soma granule = grain-like; small and round many more exotic types; e.g. chandelier cells have a dendritic trees that resemble chandeliers 5. Effect on target excitatory neuron inhibitory neuron 6. Identity of neurotransmitter (__-ergic) e.g. cholinergic use acetylcholine, serotonergic use serotonin, etc....
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