Eisenhower week 2 check point HIS 135 (2)

Eisenhower week 2 check point HIS 135 (2) - one who favored...

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Running head: EISENHOWER'S POLITICS 1 Eisenhower's Politics HIS 135
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EISENHOWER'S POLITICS 2 Eisenhower's Politics Eisenhower fought to keep the economy stable, and the budget balanced during his time in office. Eisenhower needed to make “the modern Republicanism” successful and the only way he could do that was to lure prosperous Democratic voters to join the middle class. This could only be successful if the administration could manage the economy. The New Deal was something Democrats had established, and The President accepted the element of the New Deal, his economic policies adhere to a moderate course. When the economy was poor Democrats was all for deficit spending and tax cuts. These were used to stimulate the economy. Eisenhower was
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Unformatted text preview: one who favored reduce in federal spending, and the governments role in the economy. In 1954 Eisenhower signed the St. Lawrence Seaway Act that joined the United States and Canada by opening the Great Lakes to ocean shipping. I did not know a whole about Eisenhower until this class. I have done a bit of research on him since, and I see why he is ranked one of the top ten of all Presidents. I think he did a job well done. I do not follow politics much; I guess because after hearing/reading the few things that interest me I begin to get bored with it. However, reading about the history of Eisenhower has given me an open mind about politics....
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Eisenhower week 2 check point HIS 135 (2) - one who favored...

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