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DQ 1: The major psychological classifications are; anxiety disorders, phobic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and compulsions. Anxiety disorder is one that I know too well. I am sure at one time in our life we have experienced anxiety, but for me anxiety has been a problem I have lived with for many years. Being overstressed as a mother, a wife, and a worker would cause me to start having panic attacks. After I left my husband in 2009 it was fear that caused my anxiety which then caused me to have massive panic attacks. I learn a few years before ways for me to control this problem along with my medication; I used a breathing technique my Psychologist taught me. DQ2: Psychoanalytic perspective; the perspective that suggest that abnormal behavior stems from childhood conflicts over opposing wishes regarding sex and aggression. Cognitive perspective; the perspective that suggests that people’s thoughts, and beliefs are a
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Unformatted text preview: central component of abnormal behavior. DQ3: Anxiety disorders are brought on by experiencing a feeling of apprehension, or tension, in reaction to a stressful situation. For some people (like me) anxiety can come without a warning, and it can cause many problems with ones daily life. Somatoform disorders are psychological difficulties that take on a physical form for which there are no medical cause. A type of this disorder is hypochondriasis; people with this problem have a fear of illness. These people believe that everyday aches and pains are the symptoms of server disease. Mood disorders are a disturbance in emotional experiences that are strong enough to disrupt everyday life. My sister suffers from major depression; I have witnessed her go from happy to full outrage in just a matter of a few minutes. This has a major effect on her daily life; she is unable to work, and maintain a healthy relationship with family, and friends....
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