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CRIM LEC 6 - them learn English training for unpleasant...

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CRIM LEC 6 Residential School Video Needs of society from late 1800’s- to 1996. Creating people that are so used to institutions that they cannot live any other way so they join the military or something similar Measurement of sexual activity, sexual abuse to maintain power Idea that they were savage and in need of colonization Jobs they were trained for were low-level jobs mostly as being a nanny. Meticulous arrangements and rules help maintain power. Discourse- making
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Unformatted text preview: them learn English, training for unpleasant trades. • Review at Tuesday, • 50- 60 multiple choice, key terms • The only dates you need to know are in key terms. • McCarthyism 1920/1940-50s • Dark Age of Quebec (1920-30s) • Japanese Internment ( 1940s) • Residential Schools (1931-96) • War on Drugs (1970s/1980s) • War on Terror (2000s)...
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