Final (2007) - Universtry of Houston HCHS 3304, . 'r ,(....

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Unformatted text preview: Universtry of Houston HCHS 3304, . 'r ,(. Final Exam Instructor Dr. Briggs M'~ 10.2007 Name ./t ( \~ , \ Answer all questions LAST. FIRST ' Multiple choice 2 pIS each (100 pis total) Choose the most correct answer and fill it in on the Scantron sheet. Also circle your answer on the exam and shew A. LL work. 1/ I). The conversion of pyruvate to aceryl-Co A requires which of the follov..-ing coenzymes? a. Bien» dVitaminC A "r~ @Thla1nillC p;rrophOSPh!!!d ~ '1 Y II\\j~ t '7al.i~(- (c · ~"'A -D f.l"-' ;€. ATP Ans 2). Incubation of gram-negative bacteria with lysovymc in an isotonic medium causes rod-shaped bacteria to assume a spherical shape. The cause of this phenomenon is: a-:-absorption of water AiS W{' .-.,.@destruction of the cell \\ all c. destruction of the cytoskeleton d. damage 10 the plasma membrane . e. change in gene expression A j'\)~ 1 3). In an intact cell) thc free energy change (L\G') associated with an enzyme-catalyzed reaction is frequently different fro In the standard free energy change (:,\Go,) of the same reaction because in the intact cell the A 1\ I , ¥- a. activation energy is different 1~6 ::; I~ \0 ~ 511 1;'\ b:krcaction is always near equilibrium ~...-:::v.enz)'rne may be regulated allosterically ~ @"eactanlS are not at 1M concemrations e. reaction may be catalyzed by more than one enzyme 4). In animals, an enzyme unique to gluconeogenesis is a. enolase b. phosphoglycerate mutase c. glyceraldehyde 3-phosphatc dehydrogenase d. aldolase .r tlSl~ i ' ._ _ ) e-ucLOse bisphosphatase 5). D\1A polymerase contains a lysine residue that is important for binding to DNA. Mutations were found that converted chis lysine to either glutamate, glycine, valine, or arginine. Which mutations would be predicted to be the most and least harmful 10 the abiliry of the enzyme to bind DNA? Mos! LeaSt '. , /.., Valine Aspartate t b:)Slycine .Arginine ~c.~Arginine 'Glycine ,..d.·6Iutamate Valine /hs<.e \'- ----'1 @IUlamate Arginine ( ' \ ;f > \ , e. ~ _ .. i.. .:f. 6). A purified peptide derived from a flu viral protein important in invasion of cells is subjected to treatment with cyanogen bromide and chymotrypsin. CNBr treatment of the peptide results in the fragments: Arg-Thr I'he-Ser-Mct "'Arg-Thr-Phc-Arg-Thr-Met Chyriiotrypsin treatment or the peptide results in the fragments: · Scr-Mei-Arg-Thr · Arg-Thr-Phe Arg-Thr-Met-Phe I , ' .\ '" r'; " Circle the letter corresponding to the correct amino acid sequence of the peptide. a. Arg- Thr-Phe-Ser-Mei-Arg- Thr-Phc-Arg- Thr-Met "",.'-..e"e r .----->; .~~rg-Thr-Phe-Arg-Thr-Met-l'he-Ser-Met-Arg-Thr c. d. Phe-A rg-Thr-Met-A rg-Thr-Phe-Ser-Met-A rg-Thr e. Phe-Scr-Met-Arg-Thr-Phe-Arg-Thr-Met-Arg-Met ~ ,I 7). Which ofthe following statements are true of water and/or hydrogen-bonds?...
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Final (2007) - Universtry of Houston HCHS 3304, . 'r ,(....

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