history mid term 2 review

history mid term 2 review - 1 The American Revolution...

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1. The American Revolution brought independence from Great Britain and created the United States of America. African Americans and women, however, experienced important limitations in this significant victory. Write an essay that examines the role of each of these groups during and after the war, and the challenges American victory presented to them. Your essay must include the following key terms: Dunmore’s Proclamation, Gradual Abolition, Republican Motherhood, and Cult of Domesticity. I. African Americans - Problems with ending slavery: ∙ financial: billions were invested in the slave institution-profitable institution in South ∙ social: how to incorporate African Americans into society-would force Americans to invision a biracial society -South helped by Dunmore (appointed governor by king in Virginia) - Quakers play a prominent role in abolishing slavery -Dunmore’s Proclamation : (1775) if slaves can run away from masters to pro- British lines, they will be granted their freedom ² organized into military units ³used to put down the revolution ˡ (500,000 African Americans during the American Revolution) -slaves were relocated to Canada after war -1777: Vermont outlawed slavery in their state -Gradual Abolition : slowly abolish slavery according to criteria ∙ most chose birthday: gain freedom at 21 st birthday ∙ Some North owners sold their slaves the day before their birthday (avoided both problems) II. Women - traveled with the army: nurses, cooks, seamstress, cleaner (15m:1f) - wives traveled with their husbands for a morale boost - Played an active role on the home front: economic boycott ∙ made the conscious decision not to purchase goods ∙ women have to increase domestic productivity ∙ responsible for taking care of farm, shops, slave labor force, household decisions ∙ new role referred to as Deputy Husbands
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history mid term 2 review - 1 The American Revolution...

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