history final review

history final review - 1. In Sam W. Haynes’ biography of...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. In Sam W. Haynes’ biography of James K. Polk ( James K. Polk and the Expansionist Impulse ), Haynes examines the paradox between the rising tide of nationalism and the strong sectional undercurrents that threatened to destroy the Union. Write an essay that discusses this paradox. Your answer must address the following questions: 1) Explain the role that American Expansionism played in providing the Democratic Party with a new direction and reviving James K. Polk’s political career. 2) What was Manifest Destiny and why was it such a potent national, as well as regional/sectional expansionist program? 3) How did Texas and Oregon work towards implementing Manifest Destiny? 4) Why did Polk’s similarly aggressive policies toward Britain (Oregon) and Mexico (Texas) produce such different outcomes? 5) How did the U.S.-Mexican war establish the United States as a hemispheric empire? More importantly, how did the war work to tear the United States apart? [You should treat each of these five questions the same way you would a key term: provide at least a full paragraph of information to answer each question and demonstrate your comprehension of the required reading. Answers must be based on information from Haynes’ biography- not the internet or any other source I. American Expansionism- James K. Polk was an influential political leader as state legislature and speaker of the House- He wanted to run for governor of Tennessee ∙ he was instead asked to be a part of the Senate ∙ his refusal prevented Tennessee from electing any Senators that year ∙ in turn, he did not receive the position as governor- His political standing because of this diminished- The idea of American Expansionism excited many individuals and revived Polk’s political career once again- This provided the Democratic Party with a new direction by preaching Jeffersonian ways: ∙ focused on the West where farmers could be constantly revitalized ∙ The states’ rights would be the main focus ∙ Free the nation of debts by economic opportunities brought about by the expansion II. Manifest Destiny- Manifest Destiny: the belief that America was destined to expand from coast to coast- National Program: ∙ wanted to establish uninterrupted political authority over the continent ∙ the spread or halt of slavery would mark the nation as a whole ∙ Expand the nation’s economy- Regional Program: ∙ Would decide the expansion or prevention of slavery in each state ∙ Give people an opportunity to expand farms or businesses III. Texas and Oregan- Oregan: ∙ America claimed everything south of the 54 th parallel ∙ Polk sent somebody to negotiate terms about Oregan→ agreed on the 49 th parallel ∙ Congress nullified joint occupation treaty with England- Texas: ∙ Texas requested military protection against Mexico ∙ Polk sent General Zachary Taylor to Texas with 3500 troops ∙ Mexico agreed to negotiate new border lines→ were not able to agree on negotiations ∙ General Taylor moved to the rio grande → Mexico saw it as an act of war (1846)- elected officers based on rank or merit, not party ∙ Polk tried to send a bill that would pay for the land given by Mexico with an agreement...
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history final review - 1. In Sam W. Haynes’ biography of...

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