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Marketing quiz 32

Marketing quiz 32 - Question 1 0.67 out of 0.67 points...

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Question 1 0.67 out of 0.67 points Marketers describe the way the consumer processes information to arrive at brand choices as ________. Answer Selected Answer: alternative evaluation Correct Answer: alternative evaluation Question 2 0.67 out of 0.67 points There is a trend in the United States toward rediscovering the flavor of regional cooking and the use of locally grown ingredients. People are choosing to spend hours in the kitchen using only the freshest ingredients to recreate local culinary traditions. This change in ________ is one of the reasons the number of farmers markets in the United States has increased by 70
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percent in the last eight years. Answer Selected Answer: lifestyle Correct Answer: lifestyle Question 3 0.67 out of 0.67 points It is most accurate to say that marketers are always trying to spot ________ in order to discover new products that might be wanted. Answer Selected Answer: cultural shifts Correct Answer: cultural shifts Question 4 0 out of 0.67 points A ________ consists of the activities people
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