GB Ch 7 Readings on Stanford Experiment (page 9)

GB Ch 7 Readings on Stanford Experiment (page 9) - Bradyand...

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Unformatted text preview: Bradyand Logsdon on Business Ethics 9 (final pg) Concluding Prescription This paper proposes a broader orientation in business ethics pedagogy. We call for greater realism in recognizing the vulnerability and malleability of business decision- makers due to situational influences which can override ethical analysis. Deciding what one ought to do is only half the ethical question in business administration; actually doing it is the other half. And since behavior does not automatically follow decision making, acting ethically may be more difficult than deciding ethically in many situations. So, although the normative aspect of decision making may be handled well by philosophers, the behavioral side is not. The contributions of other disciplines are needed to help students understand the social influences they will face and to act on their own ethical judgments (Lickona, 1980). We believe that business ethics scholars can learn more about how organizations work and how individuals within organizations behave by examining experimental studies in social psychology and organizational behavior. This expansion of knowledge to incorporate the "situational hypothesis" more fully into business ethics research and pedagogy is quite important. Business ethics is a "hot" topic now because of recent scandals. It will continue to command management attention after public and scandals....
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GB Ch 7 Readings on Stanford Experiment (page 9) - Bradyand...

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