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Lesson 11: The Other Formulas There are several other formulas that are very useful when the acceleration is uniform. Do not use these equations if the acceleration is changing! The acceleration must be constant. These other formulas are based on combinations of the basic velocity and acceleration formulas, as well as interpreting graphs. Although the formulas are shown here in a particular numbered order, you do not need to identify them this way. Formula 1 The first formula is based on knowing information about displacement, final and initial velocities, and time. d = v f v i 2 t At first this may seem to be an odd acceleration formula, since acceleration does not appear in the formula as a variable. Notice that there are two velocities, v f and v i , so we know that there must be acceleration. Only use this formula when you know for certain that the object has been going through a constant acceleration, even though “a” doesn't appear in the formula. Example 1 : Determine how far a vehicle moved if it started at 12 m/s and accelerated up to 47 m/s in a time of 34s. d = ( v f + v i 2 ) t d = ( 47 + 12 2 ) 34 d = 1003 = 1.0e3 m Formula 2 We will do problems where we have information about displacement, initial velocity, time, and acceleration. The formula for these situations is. .. d = v
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11_otherformulas - Lesson 11 The Other Formulas There are...

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