13c_resistance - 13c: Resistance The amount of current...

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13c: Resistance The amount of current flowing in a circuit depends, in part, on the voltage . By increasing the voltage (maybe by using a more powerful battery) you increase the “pumping power” that is moving current through the circuit. Current flow also depends on how the material of the conductor resists the motion of electrons. Gold : an excellent conductor, because its electrons are quite easily moved. Aluminum : not a great conductor, since its electrons don’t move well. We would say that gold has a low resistance , and aluminum has a high resistance . To understand the relationship between voltage , current , and resistance , look at the following analogy. Imagine a water pump that is being used to get some water out of the basement of a house. The people first try using a thin hose, and then a wider hose. The wider hose has a much lower resistance to the water flowing through it, so more water comes out the other end. This is the same way that electricity works: 1. The pump is like voltage : think of voltage (potential difference) as the pumping power that is shoving electrons through the wire. 2. The hose diameter is like the wire’s resistance : a thin hose let’s only a little water through, just like a poor conductor only lets a little current through. 3.
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13c_resistance - 13c: Resistance The amount of current...

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