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Lesson 14: Magnetism History Today we really take magnets for granted. .. have you ever asked yourself why they can stick to your fridge? The history of magnetism begins with the ancient civilizations in an area known as Asia Minor (around modern day Turkey ). In a region known as Magnesia rocks were found that would attract each other. These rocks were called "magnets". For a long time magnets were thought to be somehow magical, and were treated as a novelty (they weren’t used for anything serious). Eventually it was discovered that a magnet suspended from a fine thread will spin on its own until one pole (end) of the magnet is pointing toward the north. The same pole always ended up pointing north. The pole which points north is called the north pole; the other pole that points south is called the south pole. All magnets have a north and a south pole, no matter what shape they might have been bent into. The magnetic field is the strongest at these poles. It is not known for sure when this was discovered, but the Chinese were making use of simple
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