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Lesson 17: Projectiles Launched Horizontally The study of projectile motion brings together a lot of what you have learned in the past few seconsti. You need to know about gravity, velocity, acceleration, and vector components to be able to fully understand (and figure out) these questions. Don’t worry, though. Even with all that stuff to keep track of, learning how to do these questions and understand what is happening a little bit at a time makes it all manageable. The Wile E. Coyote Effect I’m sure you have seen the cartoon where the Coyote is chasing after the Road Runner and runs off of the cliff. He hangs in mid air for a second, looks down, and then starts to fall. The question is how true is this, and how many people believe it is true? A few years ago some researchers in the U.S. went to elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, and universities and asked them to look at the following: "Ignoring air resistance, which of the following correctly shows what an object would do if it rolled off a cliff?" The kinds of answers they got was almost exactly the same at all ages. About 60% said number 1 was correct. The object will stop in midair, and then start to fall straight down. Because this is what the Coyote always did in cartoons (and because some people actually referred to it in their explanation of why they chose this answer), the researchers called it the Wile E. Coyote Effect. About 25% said number 2 was correct. The object will move forward at first, but will eventually just fall straight down. Only about 15% answered
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17_horizontal_projectile - Lesson 17: Projectiles Launched...

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