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Lesson 24: Maxwell's Theory of Electromagnetism James Clerk Maxwell (first mentioned in Lesson 21) is one of the great tragedies of physics. Although he contributed a huge amount of work to physics, he died in 1879 at the age of 48. Many scientists believe he was the most important physicist of the 19 th century. Some of his papers found at the time of his death were later interpreted to show that he was working on ideas that would have eventually led him to the Special Theory of Relativity, twenty years before Einstein! Maxwell's greatest accomplishment was his Theory of Electromagnetism . Oersted had found that we can create a magnetic field by having current flow through a wire. The strength of the magnetic field is predicted using Ampere's Law (Lesson 18). Moving a wire through a magnetic field induces a current to flow through the wire. The amount of current induced is predicted using Faraday's Law of Induction (Lesson 20). Maxwell brought these ideas together while doing experiments with capacitors . A capacitor is made up of two conductors that are not touching, each with the same amount of oppositely signed charge. It was using capacitors that he came up with an experiment that showed that a changing
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24_maxwell - Lesson 24: Maxwell's Theory of...

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