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The following guidelines apply to any lab report that you submit to me. Remember, I consider all labs to be as important as an essay written for an English class. You will be marked accordingly. Reports should be typed , but if written then it must be written in ink on one side of lined white paper . Calculations for the Analysis section can be done as a spreadsheet, or written in pencil on paper and handed in separately. Graphs must be done in pencil on graph paper, or as part of a spreadsheet. The lab must be written using full sentences. The exception to this is the equipment list, which is done in an itemized format like a shopping list. Any papers handed in must be stapled in the top left hand corner and include all group member's names, the block, and date in the top right corner. Please don’t hand in duo-tangs or things like that. It's just more for me to carry. The preferred method of submitting your lab report is to email it to me as an attachment . The emailed files must all have the naming system as follows. For these examples we will assume a student named John Smith is emailing the files to me, and used Microsoft Office to create the files. John typed up his lab document → smith.doc He did his Analysis as a spreadsheet → smith.xls John also sent a presentation that goes along with his lab → smith.ppt Notice that the file names do not contain his first name, nor any mention of the lab title. All files are to be mailed as attachments to [email protected] Do not email files to my MSN account!!! Students have access to different programs for typing up work, whether at school or at home. I recommend using OpenOffice for all projects, and Google Docs for students working on group projects. The following list shows the programs and file types that you can and cannot use to produce the lab work you will send me. Acceptable Unacceptable Microsoft Office (saved as XP/2003 files)* Copy and Paste into an email OpenOffice Microsoft Works Rich Text Format (rtf) WordPerfect Google Docs WordPad or txt files * Office 2007 files ending in “x” are not accepted. On the following page is an outline of the format that your lab must follow. I should be able to look at your document and see something that looks just like the following page. Failure to follow this outline will result in lost marks. 10/3/2010
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labfor - Laboratory Report Format & Marking Rubric The...

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