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Physics 20 Top Ten Things to Remember as You Start Physics 20 (if you want to pass!) 1. Never change CAPITALS to lowercase (or vise versa) in any formula or in any unit. One letter changes all the meaning. 2. Units (like “m” for metres) are not the same as symbols (like “d” for distance) in a formula. 3. On graphs, never connect the dots, and never use data points to calculate slope. 4. A subscript is not the same as a superscript . 5. Chem might use grams, but physics uses kilograms. 6. Never assume you know a formula or constant; check it on your data sheet every time. 7. Interpreting what a graph means does not mean slapping numbers into a formula. Figure out
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Unformatted text preview: what rise over run means . 8. Sig digs, sig digs, sig digs! 9. Manipulating formulas might seem useless now. Later it will be one of the most important skills you have. .. trust me. I'm serious. Call it “I want to survive in Physics 30 someday.” 10. “Determine” means show a formula, substitution, and answer with sig digs and units (and scientific notation if appropriate). Anything less and you have lost marks. Feel free to add anything else below as we go through the course. .....
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