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UMass Boston, Chem 116 © H. Sevian 1 CHEM 116 Equilibrium Calculations Lecture 17 Prof. Sevian Today we will begin with the end of Lecture 16 notes that we didn’t finish last week. If you have already printed Lecture 16, then bring it to lecture with you along with Lecture 17 here. The pages included here in Lecture 17 are what will be covered after we finish Lecture 16. If you didn’t print Lecture 16 yet, you will need page 10 onward of that lecture. Today’s agenda z Equilibrium (finish ch. 15) z Relationships among K expressions z Multiplying reactions by factors z Summing reactions z le Chatelier’s principle z Acids & bases (start ch. 16) z Arrhenius model z Bronsted-Lowry model z Return Exam 2
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