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UMass Boston, Chem 116 © H. Sevian CHEM 116 Buffers and Titration Lecture 20 Prof. Sevian Today’s agenda z Equilibrium in acid-base systems z Finish comparing strong vs. weak acids (and strong vs. weak bases) z Buffers z When approximately equal amounts of HA and A are present in solution z Titration z Predict what happens to pH as you add an acid to a base, or vice-versa Announcements z There is a graded extra credit assignment during discussion sections on Thursday Nov 20 and Tuesday Nov 25. You must attend discussion to do it. z Next exam is Exam 3 on Tuesday, Dec 2 (first lecture after Thanksgiving break) – note date change from syllabus z Final exam has been scheduled for Tuesday, Dec 16, 3:00pm
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