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Virus (Latin: slimy toxin, venom) Edward Jenner English, 1798 We say viruses, plural but actually should be viri =infectious agent you could pass through a 0.2um (micrometer) filter Beijerinick 1899 I. Virus - An acellular obligate intracellular parasite with a protein capsid and a nucleic acid genome (DNA, RNA, single or double stranded) Other acellular agents which are not viruses (see Box 14.1): prion ,protein folded abnormally (Ex. scrapie, BSE, Creutzfeld-Jacob disease) viroid ,smallest nucleic acid based pathogens,250bases, ssRNA circle (Ex.potato spindle tuber viroid) Evolutionary relationships within virus families Table 14.2 Bacteriophage- virus that infects prokaryotic cells (bacteria and archaea) Bacteriophage T4 http://www.pnas.org/content/98/20/11411/F5.large.jpg Figure 5 An unrooted phenogram based on a 76-aa concatenated sequence from the T4-related bacteriophage major capsid proteins derived by maximum likelihood Cyanophages S-PM2 and S-PWM3 are representative of what we suggest be called the exoT-even group . A. Size: small, from 20nm(Microviridae, φ X174) to 400nm(Poxviridea, smallpox) hard to see w/ EM (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) conventional microscope (www.stanford.edu) Genomes:5386 bases single stranded(ss) circle and 186,000 double stranded(ds) linear Note: E.coli 4,000,000 base pairs and 3000nm long B. Host cell specificity: most infect a single species of host cell, often relying on binding
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24_Viruslecture2008 - Virus(Latin slimy toxin venom Edward...

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