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Unformatted text preview: CAREER SUCCESS MAP QUESTIONNAIRE (CSMQ) by C. Brooklyn Derr Copyright 2005, Novations Group, Inc. Basic talents, values, and motives have an impact when decisions are made about careers. The following survey is designed to help you understand your career orientation. You cannot fail this test; there are no right or wrong answers. Each item contains two statements. Choose the one you feel more accurately reflects you or is more true of you. You must choose one of the statements, even though you may not like either or you may like both of them. Do not skip any pair of statements or circle both alternatives in one set. Circle the letter to the left of the one sentence you select as the most reflective of you. Do not spend a lot of time weighing your answers. Circle one letter in each pair. 1. (V) I like to organize myself and others to win. (X) I like to do my own thing in an organization. 2. (Y) Work must be balanced by time for leisure and the development of significant relationships. (V) Personal needs must be subordinated for me to get ahead. 3. (W) I would like to work in an organization which rewards hard work, loyalty, and dedication. (X) I like setting my own goals and accomplishing them at my own pace and in my own way....
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