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Coca Write-ups - KexiangHu(Lola Coke Vending Machine...

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Kexiang Hu (Lola) 09/08/2011 Coke Vending Machine Write-up I found that Coke’s marketing strategies are really smart. For this new vending machine, I don’t think it is really necessary to introduce this new technology into new vending machine. Below are my criteria on analyzing this decision: (1) Economic aspect, (2) consumer psychological aspect, and (3) competition among the industry and company’s images. Economic Aspect From the stand point of view of any economic aspect, we would think about the supply and demand. When the supply meets the demand, we will achieve a breakeven. And that’s the point most suppliers want to be. However, there are some business wants to control the supply so as to increase the demand. Such as this case, if Coke introduces this new machine which could adjust the price according to the temperature of the weather, it would be unfair to some Coke lovers who drink them in the hot weather.
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