100 - Homelessness in the United States Why do they lose a...

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Homelessness in the United States: Why do they lose a roof over their heads? Kexiang Hu ESL13 Ms. Harm 2 April 2009 Homelessness in the United States In our current time of economic recession in the United States, it seems that most people are still enjoying their joyful lives, great wealth and health, while some people are suffering from becoming homeless, they might be noticeable or unnoticeable, but no matter what kind of people they are, they
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are just becoming parts of homeless people soon. The recession time may be leading an increase in homeless in the United States and worsen homeless problems. One source mentions that the population of homeless people in the United States is soaring up during the recession time, and “every fiftieth American child is homeless” (Recession Increasing Interest in Homelessness 2009). Since the homeless problem has been around United States for a time, this ratio does need people pay more attention to and think over about it. Although we know different kinds of homeless may result from different reasons, yet they are somehow caused by some common reasons like low wages and limited employment opportunities, lack of affordable housing, serious mental illness and substance abuse. Both chronic homeless and periodic homeless have something with the low wages and limited employment opportunities. Currently, the recession of economy forces a lot of people to face the risk of loosing their jobs or houses. Even many people are trying to survive from this tough economic situation through hard working; they still can not escape from this disaster. According to Aimee Molly, she points out that, “working homeless people report that their incomes are not sufficient to afford a family’s basic living needs” (54). She also explains the reasons of limited employment opportunities, with the rapid development of science and technology, more and more advanced machines come out, they can do a lot of basic work than an ordinary people do. .Thus, only those people who know the high technology and how to use these machines can be able to work. Correspondingly, those “low-skilled or poorly-educated people are mostly in the service industry and theirs jobs are usually less secure” (57). They may loose their jobs easily and become temporary unemployment or chronic unemployment. “As the recession has deepened, longtime workers who lost their jobs are facing the terror and stigma of homelessness for the first time, including those who have owned or rented for years. Some show up in shelters and on the streets, but others, like the Hayworths, are the hidden homeless -- living doubled up in apartments, in garages or in motels, uncounted in federal homeless data and often receiving little public aid”(Eckholm, Erik). As we all know, United States have been giving a lot of employment opportunities to other developing country every year since those countries have cheaper workforce. This also means they reduce many employment opportunities for the local people here, and people in the United States can not find sufficient jobs. As soon
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100 - Homelessness in the United States Why do they lose a...

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