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07/08/2009 P34\discoving computer 2009 Packaged software Sold retail Mass-produced Meets the needs of a wide variety of users Custom software Tailor made software Developed by user Usually in house Web-based software: email, games Open source software: user can use, modify, and redistribute Freeware: copyrighted, can’t be used in software you intend to sell Public-domain software System software: the user, application software, the computer hardware Dialog box: provide information, presents available options, and requests a response Spreadsheet: organizes data in rows and columns Performs calculations and recalculates when the data changes Virginia license or college database, or credit database, everybody is in tons of different
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Unformatted text preview: databases 13/07/2009 Processor What is parallel processing? How do computers represent data? Most computers are digital(0is off,1 is on) What is a byte? Eight bits grouped together as a unit RAM what is random access memory? Memory chips that can be read by the processor.Page200 What is cache? Helps speed computer processes by storing frequently used instructions and data. USB(universal serial bus)port can connect up to 127 different peripherals together with a single. What is a bay? Opening inside system unit used to install additional equipment....
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