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My name is Kexiang Hu. I am studying ESL credit courses in NOVA and being an au pair in a host family as well. I was very concentrated on the business and had already got my higher college diploma in China. My purpose for applying to Northern Virginia Community College is to both enrich my current limited knowledge and create more additional competitive opportunities for myself to survive better in the challenging society. I was planning to choose business administration as my major to finish my associate degree in NOVA, and then transfer to another four-year college to pursue my bachelor degree since I have not had any degree yet. I believe that degree would be of my great help as soon as I go back to China for my further development in the business field, because I was doing foreign trade in an international business
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Unformatted text preview: company before coming here as an au pair. However, being an au pair helped me to be more independent and flexible in many aspects, and now I think it is the right time for me to exchange more culture and gain more useful knowledge in a foreign country, especially start from a potential and large-scale community college in the United States. I believe NOVA is the best choice for me to begin my further education. With its unique international flavors and exceptional faculties and research facilities, I will definitely accumulate more knowledge to enhance my competitiveness in the future. I have enjoyed attending NOVA as a part time student and would enjoy being a full time student here as well. I am also very confident that I will try my best during my college career and afterwards....
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