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final edition of research paper - Homelessness in the...

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Homelessness in the United States Kexiang Hu ESL13 Ms. Harm 2 April 2009 Homelessness in the United States In our current time of depressive prosperity in the United States, many people are enjoying their joyful lives, great wealth and health; however, there are still some unnoticeable people who are
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hungry and have no place to sleep when they return home, some of them are unable to work and some of them even have to struggle with the drug addiction or alcohol addiction; they just sleep wherever they can, such as subway entrances, park benches, huddle under stairs, or anywhere. A study Homelessness Counts released by the National Alliance to End Homeless in 2007 indicates that establishing a 2005 baseline for measuring progress is in the fight to end homelessness. The related statistics powerly proved that we still have severe various homelessness somewhere. People may be wondering what are behind this serious problem and what are we going to do to figure out better solutions to solve the problem and prevent it happening again in the future. From some experts’ analysis, it is not hard to know that there are two major kinds of homelessness. Basically, one is the chronic, the other is periodic. No doubt the chronic homelessness will have a long lasting effect on the whole society, the periodic one also affects us deeply. Even in recently years, there were approximately 124,000 chronically homeless people in one month, January 2007(, Chronic Homelessness). In comparison to the population of U.S. right now 306,134,045, it sounds like only a small portion of the their population, but they do give us a kind warning that even in such a developed country with advanced capitalist economy they still have some homeless people. Many chronic homeless people have something to do with serious mental illness, alcohol or drug addiction. Some people may blame them on some of those bad habits, but how do we know they ever think of the reasons behind those bad habits for some time. Nowadays, the competition is rather fierce day by day, those people who want to survive with better lives , they have to know how to make lives on different effective ways. However, not everybody can make it successfully, therefore, they may get a lot of pressure from lots of ascpects. Like they may need to feed the whole family or struggle for better living conditions, then there will be lots of invisiable
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final edition of research paper - Homelessness in the...

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