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O' Connell first draft change essay - OConnell SL13 7 April...

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O’Connell SL13 7 April, 2009 On changes about China’s Political and Social Problems As we all know, many various political and social problems exist in any single country, and people have to work with governments together to solve each kind of problem. This is no exception for China. China, the country with the largest population in the world, has experienced a lot of different difficulties in the past thousands years. It is not easy for her (A country does not govern itself; refer to the government) to govern such a huge country perfectly till now and make so many outstanding achievements, too. However, it (Who or what?) did have some political and social problems; some of them even exist nowadays. Even though we know nobody is perfect, let alone a whole country, we can still review all the changes and efforts we have made in the past. The thesis must include you. Remember that this is an essay about the changes you are capable of making towards some problems that exist in China. They either have to be changes you make or that you are part of. The next two paragraphs are about China being one. It is too much. I need to see the problem stated simply at the start of the paragraph and then your solution for change as the bulk of that paragraph. One China in the world has just been admitted by all peoples around the world in the past few decades. We tried our best efforts to guard our territory integrity and convince people to admit that there is only one China in the world. Just as what we advocated in the last Olympic Games, one world, one dream which is peace. I am sure most people in the world would love a peaceful life, and nobody is willing to have war everywhere or anytime. Therefore, we value peace so preciously. In the past, some people even some countries in the world did not admit that some parts of China belong to China. They tried to separate my home country China into different parts in many ways. In that case, we had suffered from territory half-baked for a time.
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We did everything we can do to improve our country’s comprehensive national strength and prestige in the world so that we can guard our territory’s integrity. For example, we declared Hong Kong and Macao were coming back to China officially in 1997 and 1998 respectively. Everyone in those two places is so happy to be back to
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O' Connell first draft change essay - OConnell SL13 7 April...

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