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SDV Chapter 7 - Practice meditation stay up late in the...

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Chapter 7, Chapter 8 Health Inventory Make a quick list of your activities during the last 48 hours. List any activities that promote or detract from your health including the foods you ate at each meal. Promote Health: Detract from health: Have breakfast every day take snacks as lunch Eat rice and fish as my dinner Eat too much ice cream later on Practice Yoga or do some exercises watch too much TV at home Listen to smoothing music turn the music too loud sometimes Keep a sense of humor easy to distract by imagination
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Unformatted text preview: Practice meditation stay up late in the night sometimes Lie down and relax on the grass Based on the above list, write some intention statements for maintaining good health in the future. 1. Keep my three meals a day regularly and healthily 2. Keep the good habits that can help maintain good health and try to change those bad habits. 3. Have a positive and optimistic mind and attitude toward life 4. Develop good friendships with others 5. Reading a lot of books can help me maintain a good mind....
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