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Chapter 9 Time Management After checking my Time Management Awareness exercise, I concluded the following ways to improve my academic performance and quality of life: 1. Make sure that I am making full use of time on the right things, which I should do it first and it is of great importance. Always try to finish those important things first and pay more attention to them. 2. Become the master of the time, and make a specific plan for every day, every week, and set up goals so that they can motivate me to devote more. 3. Believe that a person can always do more than he thinks.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Be practical but flexible and try to get more things done in a less time but in an effective way so that I can get better results. If I could follow the above ways to improve my time management skills, then I am sure I will be able to spend more time on other people or things that I love, also I will feel a strong sense of accomplishment from everything that I actually got done. Then both of my academic performance and quality of life will be totally improved....
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