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Mkt 300 11/30 Advertising - Straight sell – presentation of the product (ex: car sale advertisement), low budget, used by small companies with low profit margins, effective for messages that emphasize low prices, not about raising the value of the service, does not build up brand image of product. - Demonstration of product benefits – great for building awareness and knowledge of new products. - Comparative advertising – (ex: cell phone service comparisons), communicates to customers why they should choose your product but you also build awareness for your competitor and it may lead to retaliation and advertising war with competitor. - Testimonial – (ex: weight loss commercials), pros are that you use real people and it is effective when you are selling a product/service that is hard to verify, but the cons are that there is a credibility issue if people in the ad are paid. - Sex appeal – pros: grab attention and consumers might believe they will be more attractive if they wear/use the product/service. Effective for aspirational products
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