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02252011 - New Words sheng1 ci2 1 tn to talk about 2 tin q...

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New Words: 生生 sheng1 ci2 1.谈 tán: to talk about 2. 谈谈 tiān qì: weather 3. 谈谈 qiū tiān: autumn 4. 谈谈 xià tiān: summer 5. 谈谈 chūn tiān: spring 6. 谈谈 dōng tiān: winter 7.谈谈 guā fēng: to blow 8. 谈 rè: hot 9.谈谈 xià yŭ: to rain 10.谈谈 liáng shuăng: cool 11. 谈 lĕng: cold 生生生生生 ju4 zi he2 dui4 hua4. sentences and conversations. 1. 谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈 nĭ jué de běi jīng de tiān qì zĕn me yàng? What do you think of the weather in Beijing? 2. 谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈 bĕi jīng de qiū tiān zuì hăo, chūn tiān jīng cháng guā fēng. Autumn is the best season in Beijing, since there is a lot of wind in spring. 3. 谈谈谈谈谈谈谈 xià tiān de tiān qì ne?
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