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Chinese Expressions and Words Good/ Bad/ So-So. Hao3/ zao1/ yi1 ban1 好好   Big/ Small Da4/ xiao3   Today/ Now Jin1 tian1/ xian4 zai4 好好 好好   Tomorrow/ Yesterday Ming2 tian1/ zuo3 tian1 好好 好好   Yes/ No Shi4/ bu4 好好好 h o zh yi! Good idea! ǎ ǔ zhēn shì gè cōng ming de gū niang! /// 好好好好好 What a smart girl!   huā: flower I really like it! Tai4 hao3 la4! 好好好 !   m i: buy ǎ   mài: sell Here you go! (when giving something) Na2 qu4! 好好   Do you like it? Ni3 xi3 huan1 ma? // 好好   I'm hungry/ thirsty. Wo3 e4 le/ Wo3 ke1 le. 好好好 好好好   In The Morning/ Evening/ At Night. Zao3 shang4/wan3 shang4/ye4 li.
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