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01292011 - wo3 you3 I have 1 wo3 you3 yi1 ge4 lv4se4 de...

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我我我我我我 wo3 you3…. I have… 1. 我我我我我我我我我我我我我我 wo3 you3 yi1 ge4 lv4se4 de ya2shua1/ wo3 you3 yi1 ge4 fen3 hong2 se4 de1 ya2shua1 I have a green toothbrush/ or I have a pink tooth brush 2. 我我我我我我我我我我 我我我我我我 wo3 you3 yi1ge4 fen3 hong2 se4 de ya2shua1, shang4 mian4 you3 zhi1 xiao3 mao1( I have a pink toothbrush, and it has a little kitty on the top) 3. 我我我我我我我我我我我 wo3 jing1chang2 yong4 lv4se4 de ya2shua1 shua1ya2(I always use my green toothbrush to brush my teeth) 4. 我我我我我我 我我我我我我我我我我我我我 wo3 you3 yi1zhi1 qian1bi3, liang3 zhi1 gang1 bi3 he2 yi1 zhi1 mao2 bi3 zai4 qian1 bi3 he2 (I have one pencil, two pens, and a brush pen in my pencil box) New Words & Sentences 我我 tian1 tian1 我我 mei3 tian1(everyday)
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