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句句 ju4 xing2: sentence structure 1. When … Dang 1… de shi2hou4 当当当当当当当当当(dang1 wo3 mei4mei4 xi3 zao3 de shi2hou4)当 当当当当当当当当当当(ta1 xi3 huan1 you3 hao3duo1 fei2zao4 pao4pao4) When my sister is taking a bath, she likes it with a lot of soup bubbles. 2. also, ye3 当当当当当当当当Wo3 ye3 xi3 huan1 mei3 ren2 yu2. I also like mermaid. 句句 ju4zi3 (sentences) 当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当(wo3 meimei4 you3 yi1ge4 fen3hong2se4 de xiao3 mei3ren2yu2 ya2shua1) my younger sister has a pink toothbrush with a little mermaid on it. 当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当当(wo3 meimei4 mei3tian1 zao3shang4 yong4 xiao3mei3ren2yu2 ya2shua1 shua1ya2) my younger sister uses pink mermaid toothbrush to brush teeth every morning. 当当当当当当当当当当当当当当 wo3 ge1ge1 mei3tian1 wan3shang4 yong4 wu1gui1 ya2shua1 shua1ya2 (my elder brother uses tortoise toothbrush to brush teeth every evening.)
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