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07152011-1 - Excuse me(to ask for something Qing3 wen4...

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Unformatted text preview: Excuse me ...! (to ask for something) Qing3 wen4! 请请! 请请啦! That's good! Tai4 hao3 la4! How much is this? Zhe4 duo1 shao3 qian2? 请请请请? How old are you? Ni3 ji3 sui4 le? 啦啦请请? Come with me! Gen1 wo3 lai2! 请请啦! Do you speak (English/ Chinese)? Ni3 hui4 shuo1 (ying1 yu2/ han4 yu2) ma2? Just a little. Hui4 yi1 dian3 dian3. 啦啦啦啦? I need to practice my Chinese Wo3 xu1 yao4 lian4 xi2 han4 yu3. 请请请请请请请? Don't worry! Bie2 dan1 xin1! 请请请! 请请请 bié zhāo jí Don't worry What's your name? Ni3 jiao4 shen2 me ming2 zi4? 啦请请啦啦啦? hái xū yào bié de ma?请请请请请请请Anything else? 啦啦啦请zĕn me la? What's wrong? 请请啦Welcome! (To greet someone) Huan2 ying2! Good/ So-So. Yi1 ban1 请请! Nothing much Mei2 you2! 啦啦! 请啦啦请 dài huì ér jiàn . See you later! 请请请请请One moment please! Qing3 deng3 yi1 xia4! You3 shen2 me xu1 yao4 wo3 bang1 ni3 de? 请请啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦Can I help you? 请请请请.I Don't Know.Wo3 bu4 zhi1 dao4 I will be right back! Wo3 guo4 yi1 hui2r jiu4 hui2 lai2! 请请请请请请请请! wǒ men yī qǐ qù kàn diàn yǐng ba. 请请请请请请请请请啦 Let's go watch a movie. 请请请请请请请请Nǐ xǐ huān kàn diàn yǐng ma? Do you like watching movies? fēi cháng xǐ huan, 请请请请 mài kè: gào sù wǒ nǐ xiàn zài měi tiān dōu chī xiē shén me? 请请请请请请请请请请请请请请请请请 Mike: Tell me what you eat every day now. ...
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