Ameican Herritage essay4

Ameican Herritage essay4 - Section 44 Suqi Liu Chinese...

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Unformatted text preview: Section 44 Suqi Liu Chinese government should keep the one-party ruling policy Should Chinese government keep one party for ruling or not? This has become the most popular argue recently among China and western countries. Western countries usually focused on the problem that Chinese government controls too much that they don't leave any of the freedom or liberty to their people, which is caused by the one-party rule. However, in my opinion, Chinese government has sufficient reasons to keep one party for ruling. First of all, One thing that confused people a lot is the definition of "One-party ruling". "one party ruling" doesn't equal to "one party dictatorship". The Constitution says that "the Chinese Communist Party led multi-party cooperation and political consultation system and development of long-term existence". Which means the Chinese Communist Party discuss big decisions with other parties before they apply. At this point, Chinese Communist Party is not the only party who is making decision, which eliminates the possibility that they will abuse the law or the government...
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Ameican Herritage essay4 - Section 44 Suqi Liu Chinese...

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