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Optional assignment 1 Suqi Liu option(c) Study Group 2.5 hours This is for Mid-term review that we reviewed with Heidi together and we just clarified a lot of concepts through the classes. We made sure to go through the study guide together and the helps me to understand better on the test questions. I understand more about that everyone have the agency to choose the right, and after our physical death, everyone will be brought to be in front of our Heavenly Father to be judged by our Father, even the bad people. Also, we were together with our Heavenly Father, but we were not like him. We want to be more like our Heavenly Father so that we want to come to the earth to get more experience to be more like our Father in Heaven. Mothers always cares about their kids even more than their own lives, so that Nephi's mother
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Unformatted text preview: actually didn't lose faith when she was complaining about Lehi that Lehi let her sons to go to the wild places and take risks. She was just too worried about her sons. And also, once she found that her sons were all OK and came back, she soon started repenting and serve the Lord. A cool thing about this class is that we don't really test on really specific details, however, we will focus more on the organization of each chapter so that we will know that what is the most important thing in the whole book. An example is in Mosia, that he spent a lot of paper to write about Christ, which means that Jesus Christ's coming and atonement is almost the whole point this book is talking about....
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