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Optional assignment 2 Suqi Liu Option (e): go to MTC for TRC work Hours: 3 hours I heard about TRC during the mid-term, my friends told me that we could do something for missionary work although we are not going on a mission right now. I went for the English section for one time with my friends and then went for Mandarin section for 2 times myself. I really learned a lot during the Mandarin section although it seems that it should be the missionaries who need to practice language. I was so impressive that those missionaries could speak Mandarin so well and when they were discussing with me, they have the power from the Holy Ghost that I could really feel the spirit from them. First of all, I learned some new vocabularies that I haven't noticed in my Chinese Book of Mormon. Because my missionary taught me in English, when they were talking about Shengcan I didn't know that it means the sacrament, because it is different than
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Unformatted text preview: the vocabulary we used in daily life. I always feel the strong spirit and I was so happy listening to their discussions. I also made a lot of friends there, including returned missionaries from Taiwan who can speak Mandarin very fluently. I felt I learned during the discussion, it developed the knowledge I learned from religion classes because everyone has special experiences so that I could understand from different perspectives for one concept. Plus I could also pretend that I was not a member of church and just ask them all the "weird" questions like what I did to my missionaries before. Because of the cultural difference, Chinese don't really have the foundation of God, so we always ask a lot of "weird" questions that most Christian don't ask. I am glad I did this for my optional assignment this summer, because I feel I strength my testimony by going to the MTC and serving the Lord by doing what I can do now....
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