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religion 1 homework - Term- Long, self-directed project...

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Term- Long, self-directed project Proposal As a new member of church, I found that we like to sing almost in every church activities. However, I am not familiar with our church music in the HYM book, which makes me a little bit nervous that I can not sing together with other people and communicate with my Heavenly Father while I am singing . Therefore, I decide that I want to do a project on the church music. My plan is to spend 1-2 hours every week to play church music, and sing with the it. Meanwhile, I should read the lyrics on the book and make sure that I understand the meaning of it. At the end of the term, if I could keep learning 5 pieces of church music every week, and that I could feel the spirit is teaching me through the music, I will consider that I have done a good job. Weekly reflection paper 1 I really learned a lot this week, Brother Griffin showed me a new world of learning scriptures. I finally understand that why we should come to the earth, or why disability, poverty and hardship exist around us . We experience those because we want to be like our Father in Heaven. Therefore, we need to learn how to make good choices ourselves and struggle in some hard situations. All the things we are experiencing is what our Heavenly Father has already planned for us. When we are in a situation that seems to be difficult to us, instead of complaining or feel unloved, we should fold our arms and pray, and tell our Father that we love him, and thanks him for every chance he gives us to practice. Don't even worry about what it is going to be like in the future, because our Father will plan the way that suits us the best for us. Father, I am so grateful for everything I could have now, and I am so grateful for everything you let me experienced through this life, because I know you want me to have a chance to improve myself and raise my spirit, so that I can go back to Heaven again.On that day, I know that I will be really happy, both physically and spiritually. I know that all the things I am now experiencing or having trouble with is what I wanted in Heaven. Father, I am so grateful for you, and I love you so much. In the last few days, I always think reading scriptures is a hard and boring thing to do that it is even not as effective as directly praying. However, in Brother Griffin's class, I learned how to read scriptures. I learned that every word, even the numbers, that shows up on the scriptures has a great value in it For example, in 1NE 2:6 it says: And it came to pass that when he had traveled three days in the wilderness, he pitched his tent in a valley by the side of a river of water. "Three days" means that they've gone for a long time to go through, however, the first thing that Nephi did was to sacrifice. This shows that we should be grateful for everything we are having now and we should always thank for God, that everything he gives to us. Even the phrase "river of water", is not a bad English grammar. Because in some areas, it is only in a certain time that the river will
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religion 1 homework - Term- Long, self-directed project...

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