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International Bulletin Summer 2011 - August 2011 Alberto...

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International bulletin August 2011 Alberto Puertas International Advising Specialist Dear International Students, Summer term is concluding and finals are around the corner. As you prepare to take your exam, I would like to recommend a few tips for your last minute reviews: Structure your week around your studies; this is not time for hanging out, going shopping, or watching movies. Prepare the proper environment for your review; this is not the time to study in the gym or with music playing in the background. Join a study group; studying together and comparing notes allows you to review items you may have missed during lectures. Reduce stress; stress can become overwhelming during finals, and it may prohibit you from focusing properly. Understand what is causing unnecessary concern and eliminate it. Review former exams and consult with friends who have taken a similar final before. Rely on the power of prayer or reflection according to your faith. I wish you success in your academic endeavors and request that you travel safe if you are leaving town. If you are visiting home, enjoy the company of your dear ones and come back ready for an exciting fall semester. You are welcome to make an appointment to visit with one of our advisors. We advise in person or by phone; you can
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This note was uploaded on 12/03/2011 for the course MANAGEMENT 371R taught by Professor Richards during the Fall '11 term at BYU.

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International Bulletin Summer 2011 - August 2011 Alberto...

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