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Bruce Money--Global Negotiation Negotiation is Constructive management of differences Means different to people from different countries. Negotiation is a framework: Bargainer characteristics (where you come from) Negotiation process negotiation outcomes(how do you know you are getting a good deal!!) Situational factors(legal, system and culturedifferences ) Good negotiator For Japanese: the first is dedication to job(they work through their whole life for one job so that the longer time they work, they will know more skills and other things)
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Unformatted text preview: American and Brazill: preparation and planning skill Chinese and Korean: persistence and planning skill Listen and ask good questions Willingness to use team assistance High aspirations Culture is attitudes, behaviour, learned shared and transmitted. Also, is based on groups. Negotiation is different in different countries: Japanese like to be silent, instead, America likes to be loud. Don't touch Japanese when negotiating. You go follow their culture(how they behave, show respects) The best is like integrate "screpts"...
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