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Name: Suqi Liu BirthdayGorilla is a company which enables businesses to have their customers contacted when their birthdays come, and send them a coupon at the same time that they wish them a happy birthday. Customers need to provide some basic personal and contact information as well as a small amount money to make it work. As what it is said on the website"you have to specify where it is that your customers are primarily located as well as providing some basic personal and contact information. Keep in mind that the business name you provide will act as the Sender ID in the text messages that are sent out. Registration comes at a cost ($ 4.50), and once it is over you will get 15 SMS credits to use in your campaigns. Further SMS credits will cost you 25 cents each. This is a creative idea to get market information for a business because most people like free stuff and also gift on their birthdays. And these data should also be reliable because people want their name showed correctly on the text. However,
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