Exam I Fall 09

Exam I Fall 09 - tycfw_d.tt"t CHHIH*fl,cfw_lll B...

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ty{d.tt"t€ .: fi il xt ri CHHIH S*fl,{lll Bischemistry I Sknrn I $eptember ?S, ?{}{}9 Fart IA: Single Answer Maltiple Ssess {Z pitx t*ch} far I-!2, tfuot;se the sirrgl,e b*s| *ns*s'sr" Waik"-vl}r,rr #ffsr4r€rs $nSOTH the Scantron and. the Exam, fi- Water is said to not behave as a "normal" liquid. One of the ways in which liquid water is nor "notrma}" is: a) the liquid form is less dense than the solid iornt. bl the liquid f*nsl is rrrsre fluid than the sslid fornr. c) a male of liquld water takes up mor€ vnlume than a mole of water vaper. : S.b the liquid fsrm is filer* dence than the s*lid forrm. 7\ The "weird" propefties of water are primarily due to: _{ the shape of a water molecule. ,lbp the clifference in electronegativity of oxygen and hydrogen. cl the size of a water molecule. d) the density *f water. {- fr In terms cf thermodynarnics, the reascn that pil and water don't mlx is: l) the enthalpic cctt nf ke*ping cil rnalecules separate frum eash oth*r,iq wateriis @ high, f the hydrophobic interaction between cil molecules toa strong. 'fpr the entropic cost of keeping oil mclecules from each other in water too high d) Al-l for the reactian too small. il # ,11il I $$ ,qf The f fnr the re*Ction f*s0 + F{sS e ht30* + OH- 5l ;ou have a buffer a? a pH that is 2 units greater its pK". ln this solutio*: i# the cancentratip;* of the canjugate base is appmximatclll lOg *irnes gre.atrrtheni:,*e; * concsntration rf rn*iuy;ale acid, ":::;, b; the c*ncentratlo* of the cnniugate hase is appraxlmately I times greatei*an,*e eo*ceRtration of, tfre e*xjugate acid. tl"le ceincentration l:f tlre coniugat* acid is apprnximately 100 tirnes grq,ater than,the ccncentratisn of tlre co*jugate l:ase. ', rhe e*ncentratian of the e*njugate acid is approximately ?,times great*r tl"ra* tlre conc*ntr*ti*n ef the coniugate h*ue. 't q c a IJ r{ ci d) 10'16 M di 10,e M qtr 7i4vt
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For any peptide at a pH greater than $) negative. 'l) pr*sitive. c) n€utral. d) dependent on its concentratltln. its pl, its n*t c!:arge wil$
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Exam I Fall 09 - tycfw_d.tt"t CHHIH*fl,cfw_lll B...

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